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Stream the full Launch album below, all 12 tracks in their entirety, for FREE (hosted by Bandcamp).
"Pretty White Flag" b/w "Sage Advice" available as a "digital 7-inch" from  Ampeater Music, 
Visit our Bandcamp page to get a limited-quantity FREE DOWNLOAD of "Paper Valentines" and "Summer Calendar"
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Price Place Notes
$7 Bandcamp They're still pretty indie: we like that. A lot.
$8 CD Baby Not as indie after Derek left, but kinda decent.
$8.99 Amazon MP3 It's price-fixing: we can't change these guys!
$9.49 Google Play Standardized pricing again: it's out of our hands.
$9.99 iTunes
Nope, these guys will NEVER budge their price!
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